Butterfly coloring pages

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Butterflies are among the most striking, colourful and beautiful insects on our planet. They live on all continents except Antarctica. The wings of butterflies are very beautiful and have bright colorful patterns, probably why these insects are so attractive to children. Butterfly suitable for coloring is not only for girls but also for boys. On this site you will find more than 70 butterfly coloring pages. Among them there are simple coloring pages for preschoolers and more difficult pictures for older kids and adults.

Printable butterfly coloring pages.

Of course, all the butterfly colouring pages are printable. Before your child will start coloring the pictures, tell him/her about some interesting features of the butterflies.

  1. The wingspan of the largest butterfly can be up to 30 cm. This is a moth and it is called Thysania agrippina.
  2. Attacus atlas is a huge moth with a wingspan of up to 24 cm. It is often mistaken for a bird. This night butterfly can smell at a distance of 7 miles. Butterflies of this species do not eat, and use the nutrients they accumulated in caterpillar stage to live. In Taiwan huge empty cocoons of Attacus atlas are used to make wallets.
  3. People in Asia and South America not only enjoy the beauty of butterflies, but also use them as food.
  4. The smallest butterfly has a wingspan of only 2 mm.
  5. Butterflies taste food by using their feet.
  6. The Monarch butterfly can fly thousands of miles without a break.
  7. Some butterfly species can reach a speed of 40 m/h.
  8. Butterflies can distinguish red, green and yellow colors.
  9. Butterflies never sleep.

Coloring pages of butterflies that you see on this website, you can download and print for free. Just select one of the pictures and click it with the mouse. We hope these printable coloring pages of butterflies will delight your child!
Too easy? Try difficult Butterfly Coloring Pages For Adults!


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  • Joanne

    I had this awesome dream about butterflies. So I googled to find out more about them and I think this is a wonderful project for my summer camp students.



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