Saint Patrick’s Day coloring pages

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This holiday is celebrated on March 17th every year in honor of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. St. Patrick’s Day began the official Christian holiday in the early 17th century. According to the legend, the Saint Patrick (esteemed in Ireland as the person who brought Christianity on this island) used a trifoliate clover or a shamrock as a bright example at the explanation for Irish about indissoluble trinity of Christ – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages for kids

On our site we present more than 70 St. Patrick’s Day themed coloring pages for children. These colouring pages help kids learn more about this holiday. Just print out pictures with principal symbols of St. Patrick’s Day and give your child crayons and paint.

Shamrock coloring pages

Traditionally Shamrock is one of main symbols of St. Patrick’s Day. Shamrock is the name of young leaf of several clover species. These kinds of clover have leaves which consist of three plates. You can find Shamrock coloring pages to print at this post. Some facts about the shamrock:

  • Since the 18th century the shamrock is a symbol of Ireland.
  • In 1801 Shamrock was added to the Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom, along with rose and thistle, a sign of the union of England and Ireland. There it is depicted to this day.
  • Shamrock is used as an emblem in many government organizations of Ireland and Northern Ireland such as the police, postal services and airlines.

Leprechaun coloring pages

Leprechaun is a being of small growth in the Irish folklore, similar to the gnome. As a rule, he is the old man dressed in a red or green frock coat. Leprechauns often are shown making shoes. Sometimes you can see the leprechauns with a pipe on the coloring pages because they adore tobacco. Rumored that the leprechaun has a pot of gold, which is hidden at the end of the rainbow. Leprechaun and his pot of gold is the symbol of St. Patrick’s Day along with shamrock. But the leprechaun’s clover is four-leaf not three-leaf as the shamrock. The four-leaf clover found in nature much less than the trifoliate clover. It is believed that this plant brings good luck to the finder.

Pot of gold coloring page

The pot of gold often is depicted on the St. Patrick Day pictures, images, greeting cards and coloring pages. This pot belongs to the leprechaun, who guards and securely hides it from the people.
Now simply print out some of presented coloring pages to St. Patrick’s Day holiday. And do not forget to give your child a lot of green pencils.


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