Worm coloring pages

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Worm coloring pages for kids

Worms are invertebrate animals that live all over the world except Antarctica. As it is known, they inhabit in the soil. Depending on the species of earthworms, they come in different colors: pink, red, red-brown, pinkish-brown and others. Here you can download and print coloring pages of worms. By coloring the pictures your child learns more about these useful creatures. This compilation of some interesting facts about earth worms will help children to do it.

  • There are about 6 thousand species of earthworms living on all continents except Antarctica. They differ from each other in size, color and way of life.
  • The size of the smallest adult worms does not exceed 10 mm.
  • The largest species of worm is found in Australia. Its length may exceed 3 meters. The King Cobra is approximately the same length.
  • Worms have no eyes or ears, and they breathe through the skin. When it rains, water fills the worm burrows. That is why many of them crawl out of the ground in the rain, to breathe.
  • Earthworms can move both forward and backward. In some countries, people eat worms and insects.
  • These worms feed on plant remains, such as fallen leaves, dead stems and roots and the like. It eats as much food per day as it weighs.

Earthworms are very important for soil health and plant growth because they recycle vegetable residues and organic waste into valuable fertilizer.
We are glad to present to you 30 worm coloring pages for your kids. They are all free and printable.


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