Sea animals coloring pages

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Welcome to the page where you’ll find a wide variety of sea animals coloring sheets. Here are pictures of mammals, shellfishes, fishes, crustaceans, reptiles and other creatures living in the seas and oceans around the world. We hope that our coloring pages will help your child get acquainted with the underwater life and explore the sea animals. All images presented here you can download free and print.

Whale coloring pages. Sea mammals.

Whales live in the water and they are the largest of the animals on the planet. There are two kinds of whales: baleen and toothed. The baleen whales feeds on plankton. To do this, they swim with mouth open, to capture the water containing plankton. Then the whales close their mouths and squeeze the water out through the bristles, leaving only the food inside. The toothed whales eat fish, shellfish and crustaceans. The blue whale is the largest among all animals. Its length can reach 33 meters, and its weight sometimes exceeds 150 tons.

Whale coloring pages. Sea animals
Coloring pages whale. Sea mammals
Coloring pages of whale to print
Blue Whale coloring page. Ocean animals
Narwhal coloring page. Unicorn-fish
Killer whale coloring pages for kids
Sea animals colouring pages. The whale in the ocean
Printable Humpback whale coloring pages
Coloring page of the big toothed whale

Coloring pages of sharks. Sea and ocean animals.

For today known more than 450 species of sharks. Most of them are predators, but some feed on plankton, like whales. Some species of sharks are dangerous to humans, such as the White shark or Tiger shark.

  • The whale shark is the largest fish in the world; its length can reach 18-20 meters.
  • The smallest shark has a length of only 17 cm.
  • The fastest shark reaches a speed of 50 km/h. Its name is Mako shark.
  • In the body of the shark are absent bones; its skeleton consists of cartilages.

All presented coloring pages are printable.

Free shark coloring pages for children
Hammerhead shark coloring pages. Sea animals
Coloring pages of sea animals. Sharks pictures
Great white shark coloring pages in the sea water
Coloring pages sea animals. Shark printable
Shark coloring pages printable. Sea animal
Shark coloring pages. Marine life sheets for kids
Sea animals colouring pages. Sharks to print
Coloring page of the sea life. Sharks

Sea animals coloring pages. Dolphin

Another representative of the sea mammals is the dolphin. The dolphin is one of the most intelligent animals on the Earth. There are about 40 species of dolphins.

  • The largest dolphin is the killer whale. Its length can reach 10 meters and a weight of up to 7.5 tons.
  • Dolphins can to swim at speeds up to 40 km/h under water.
  • They need from time to time to float to the water surface to breathe, because they do not have gills.
  • Dolphin never sleeps entirely, his right and left brain hemispheres are sleeping in turn.
Dolphin coloring pages. Sea mammal
Baby dolphin coloring pages for kids
Colouring pages of sea animals to print. Dolphins
Sea animals printable coloring sheets. Jumping dolphins
Sea animals coloring page for kids. Two dolphins
Sea animals for kids

Octopus coloring pages to print. The sea mollusk.

Octopus is one of the most unusual sea animals. This mollusk has as many as 8 hands (tentacles) with the suction cups. They may have the size of 1 cm to 4 m depending on the species. Some facts about octopuses:

  • Octopus has three hearts.
  • Some species of octopuses are venomous and are among the most poisonous animal in the world.
  • They can change their color and shape.
  • Octopus emits the dark ink to have time to escape when it are at risk.
Sea animals coloring book to print. Octopus
Octopus coloring pages. Ocean life for kids
Sea animals coloring pictures. Octopus image

Coloring pages octopus. Giant sea mollusk
Sea creatures free coloring pages. Octopus
Octopus coloring pages to print. Sea animal
Cartoon octopus coloring page. Sea inhabitants
Coloring pages of octopus. Marine animals
Printable pictures of sea animals. Octopuses

Sea birds. Penguin coloring pages.

Penguin is the only bird that can swim, but not fly. In addition, it is the only bird that walks standing up. Penguins live in the coastal areas of the seas and oceans of the southern hemisphere, mostly in Antarctica. These seabirds spend half of their life in the water where they search for food. Emperor Penguin can dive to a depth of over 500 meters and to stay underwater for up to 18 minutes. Penguins usually eat fish, shellfish or krill.

Sea animals. Penguins coloring pages
Penguins family coloring page. Sea birds
Penguin coloring pages. Ocean life to print
Sea animals printable. Penguin picture
Free penguins coloring pages - Sea creatures
Penguins. Sea animals coloring sheet
Sea animals coloring pages. Penguin picture for print out
Penguins jumping to the water coloring page. Sea birds
Printable coloring pages of sea animals. Two penguins

Sea turtle coloring pages.

Sea turtles live in warm the equatorial and tropical marine waters. Leatherback sea turtle is the largest; its length is more than 2.5 meters and its weight almost 700 kg. Sea turtles eats sea grass, seaweed, crabs, clams and sponges. These amazing animals can dive to a depth of 1000 meters.

Coloring pages sea animals. Sea Turtle
Sea turtle coloring pages for kids. Ocean creatures
Sea animal coloring pages. Turtles pictures
Two sea turtles coloring page printable
Sea turtles coloring pages. Animals living in the ocean
Turtle. Free sea animals colouring pages

Walrus coloring pages. Sea animals.

Walrus is a large sea mammal. Natural habitat of these animals includes the Arctic Ocean and the northern seas. Walruses mainly feed on mollusks, fish occasionally.

  • Male walrus can have weight up to 2 tons.
  • Its tusks can reach 1 meter in length.
  • Walruses have a very thick skin and a thick layer of fat which protect them from the cold.
Free colouring pages of sea animals. Walrus
Animals of the northern seas. Walruses
Walrus - sea animals printable coloring sheets
Walrus coloring pages. Nordic animals printables
Arctic Ocean animals coloring pages. Walrus
Coloring page of walrus to print

Crab colouring pages

Crab coloring pages. Sea life for kids
Animals coloring pages for children. Sea crab
Sea animals coloring sheet. Crab picture
Crab on the seabed coloring page for free downloading
Coloring page of the sea crab for kids
Sea animal coloring page - crab pictures

Cuttlefish coloring printables

Cuttlefish coloring pages. Sea animals
Sea animals kids coloring page. The cuttlefishes
Coloring book of the sea animals. Cuttlefish

Eel coloring sheets

Eel coloring pages to print
Coloring page of the eel. Sea fishes
Sea species coloring pages. The eel

Hermit crab coloring pages

Hermit crab coloring pages to print
Coloring page of the hermit crab. Sea animals
Sea animal hermit crab coloring page printable
Sea animals coloring pictures for free. Hermit crabs
Facts about sea animals for kids. Hermit crab
Sea and ocean animals coloring pages. Hermit crab

Lobster coloring pictures

Lobster coloring pages. Animals that live in the sea
Printable pictures of sea animals. Lobster coloring pages
Printable coloring pages of the lobsters for kids

Jellyfish coloring pages

Jellyfish coloring pages to print
Jellyfish coloring pages for preschoolers. Sea and ocean life
Coloring page of a beautiful jellyfish. Sea animals
What animals live in the sea. Coloring pages for kids
Coloring pages of the animals that live in the sea. Jellyfishes
Printable sea animals. Free jellyfish coloring page
Sea animals for kids. Coloring pages of the jellyfishes
Jellyfish printable pictures. The sea animals
Ocean animals. Jellyfish coloring pages to print

Seahorse: coloring pages of the ocean animals

Seahorse coloring pages. Marine life
Coloring pages of seahorse. Sea animals
Coloring pages of sea animals. Seahorses pictures
Animals that live under the sea. Seahorse to print
Sea horse coloring pages for kids
Printable coloring pages of sea horses

Seal coloring pages. Animals that live in the cold seas

Seal coloring pages for children
Coloring pages of the sea animals. Seals pictures
Sea animals colouring pages. The seal with a baby
Sea animals coloring book. Harbor seal picture
Baby seal coloring pages. Northern seas life
Harbor seal coloring page for kids

Squid coloring pages. The sea cephalopods

Squids coloring pages. Sea animals
Squid coloring page. Ocean and sea animals
Sea animals pictures. The squid coloring page
Sea animals list. Squid colouring pages for kids
Squid. Sea animals coloring pages for kids
Coloring pages of sea animals. Squid picture

Stingray coloring pages

Stingray coloring pages. Animals of deep sea
Names of sea animals and coloring pages. Stingray
Deep sea fishes coloring pages. Stingray

Starfish coloring pages

Starfish coloring pages. Sea and ocean animal
Coloring pages of starfish. Ocean creatures for kids
Sea animals coloring pages. Starfish printable sheet
Starfish. The sea animal printable coloring pages
Sea star coloring page to print
Coloring pages of the sea stars for kids

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