Ice cream coloring pages

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  • There are free printable ice cream coloring pages for kids including ice cream cones, sundae, popsicle, eskimo pie and other images to color. Print it now!

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Ice cream. Coloring pages of food.

Have you ever seen a child who doesn’t like ice-cream? I think not. Ice cream is a favorite treat of both children and adults. There are many legends about who, how and when invented the ice cream. But one thing is for sure – cold delicacy originates from antiquity. For example, in Ancient China, the main component of the dessert was the snow, to which was added a variety of fruits and nuts. Italian traveler Marco Polo brought the recipe for ice cream from China to Europe in 1295. In the United States first ice cream parlor opened in 1776.
In these free coloring pages you will see modern types of ice cream. Among them, such as ice lolly, popsicle, sundae, eskimo pie and ice cream cones coloring pages. Also there presented some colouring pictures of ice cream trucks and people with ice cream.
All the ice cream coloring pages are printable. See related images in the Food coloring pages category.


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