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Picking coloring page for a kid you need to consider only 2 factors: gender and age. For toddlers, it is preferable to pick big pictures where it will be difficult to miss or to pass lines. For preschoolers – pictures with different small details will be good.
Smart children coloring pages:
Even though coloring page is fun, it won’t be inappropriate to fill it up with meaning. Imagine ordinary coloring page with fruits and a coloring page with a little crossword or an alphabet letter. Here is the use, you won’t even notice how your kid will learn the alphabet and counting.
Coloring pages for kids according to age:

  • 2-4 years: it is hard to call a kid assiduous and attentive. Your choice: paints, not pencils, and, of course, simple gross paintings for 2-3 colors. The result: bright painting within minutes and great pleasure.
  • 3-5 years: it is the time to learn the world around us: flowers and mushrooms, birds and animals, also to study painting letters and numbers, pick pencils and pictures with thick lines.
  • 6 years and older: fairytale and cartoon heroes, plots, and characters – this is what spellbinds a kid of this age. Take a big set of pencils or felt pens with different colors and use imagination.

What else to teach a kid:
Don’t think that color pages for kids help only to develop imagination and motility. What parents can teach a kid painting coloring papers are:

  • Doing special actions according to the task: consequential element painting calms and trains assiduity;
  • Carefulness: learning to wash brushes after each color mixing and to change water in the glass, don’t forget to clean the table and put paints and pencils together;
  • Recognition: compliment you kid for each painting and with eventually pick the best ones and hang them up in the fridge or the wall. Pick together with a kid the brightest and the most qualitative paintings, let him tell you why he likes one painting more than another one. It will teach him to understand that he always can do it better.

And who will teach a kid to paint?
It is essential to teach your kid how to hold a pencil in his arm right. And “right” means to hold it between thumb and middle fingers, holding from above with pointer finger. The length from thin tip to fingers shouldn’t be more than 3 cm. If your child will get used to holding it in the wrong way, it will be difficult to dishabituate him then and the handwriting will leave much to be desired.
And now you can easily take your kid, pick coloring pages and start to paint, using all the tips from this article. Have fun!


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