Earth Day coloring pages

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People in 193 countries around the world celebrate Earth Day annually on April 22. This ecological event is held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Today more than 1 billion people participate in events dedicated to this event. In many places is held the Earth Week. It is the duty of every person on this planet to take part in activities aimed at protecting the environment. Everyone can make a contribution to this noble cause: to clear garbage from surrounding areas, to plant at least one tree, which will subsequently provide a lot of oxygen, or to abandon the use of the car for at least one day.

Earth Day printable coloring pages

Presented in this post Earth Day coloring pages are suitable for children of all ages from kindergarteners and preschoolers to teenagers. You can download and print all these pictures for free. With our Earth Day printable coloring pages you can teach a child to take care of the environment. Coloring sheets include the following:

  • Planet Earth
  • Environmental protection
  • Children plant trees
  • Earth Day posters

Recycle coloring pages

There are three excellent ways by which you can get rid of the waste and protect the environment. These methods are as follows: reduce, reuse and recycle. By using this site, you can easily find and print coloring pages which contains the recycling symbol. These pictures will help you educate children waste management.
In total there are 88 Earth Day coloring pages that you can print in this post. Protect your environment every day!


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