Dump truck coloring pages

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  • Mining super truck coloring page
  • The Vehicle section of our website from now contains dump truck coloring pages. Naturally, they are most suitable for boys. Here there are pictures of large and small, road and off-road dump trucks, intended for different purposes.

  • Dump truck coloring page. John Deere 460E
  • The truck is unloaded coloring page for boys
  • Caterpillar 797F coloring page. Mining dump truck
  • Coloring page Mcneilus refuse truck. Printable image
  • CAT 793 Super Dump Truck coloring page
  • Printable dump truck coloring pages free
  • Coloring pages for preschoolers. Unloading the dump truck
  • Simple coloring sheets for boys. A dump truck
  • Kenworth T880 work dump truck coloring page
  • Coloring pages for little boys. A dump truck with sand
  • Dump truck coloring pages printable for kids
  • Vehicles free coloring pages. Dump truck

  • Coloring pages for children dump truck
  • Dump truck with cargo coloring page to print
  • Dump truck with raised body coloring page for kids
  • A truck loaded with big stones. Free coloring page
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  • Dump truck page to color with pencils
  • Construction dump truck coloring page
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  • Dump truck coloring page for kindergarteners and toddlers
  • Toy dump truck coloring page for free
  • Dump trucks coloring book printable

  • Coloring page of a mining dump truck
  • Concrete mixer dump truck coloring page
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  • Garbage dump truck coloring page
  • Coloring page of a garbage truck
  • Mercedes dump truck coloring page to print out
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  • Recycling dump truck coloring page
  • Dump truck loading coloring page
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  • Small dump truck free coloring page
  • Coloring page lorry. Print it free
  • Coloring page recycling truck for children
  • Large mining truck coloring pages
  • Dumper truck coloring pages for kids
  • Simple coloring page for little boys. Dump truck
  • Coloring pages for boys free. Truck dumper
  • Drawn dump truck coloring page for printing
  • Dump truck coloring pages free printable for kids
  • Free printable dump truck coloring picture

Printable dump truck coloring pages

A dump truck or dumper is a self-unloading truck which is designed for transportation of bulk materials such as sand, cement, gravel, clay or soil.

Road dump trucks coloring pages

Dump trucks designed for public roads produce virtually all manufacturers of trucks. These vehicles are used in the construction, repair, public utilities, agriculture and in mining. They usually have 2 to 4 axles and a load capacity up to 40 tons. However, there are larger road dump trucks with 5 and 7 axes.

Off-road or quarry dump truck printable coloring pages

Quarry dump trucks used in open mining. Due to their enormous size and weight, they are not moved on public roads. Larger models are delivered to the place of work in parts and assembled on site. The largest dump truck in the world BelAZ-75710 produced in Belarus can carry up to 450 tons of cargo. Its dimensions command respect and admiration: more than 8 meters high, nearly 10 meters wide and nearly 21 meters in length.
On this page you can download and print these coloring pages of dump trucks:

  • Caterpillar
  • Liebherr
  • Komatsu
  • John Deere
  • Mercedes
  • Hitachi

Garbage dump truck coloring pages

You can use some printable garbage truck coloring pages placed there, although such vehicles are not classic dump trucks. See also recycle coloring pages.


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