Shapes worksheets for preschool

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On this page, you will find everything you need to learn geometric shapes in kindergarten, other preschool institutions or at home. These printable worksheets will certainly help kids learn to find, recognize and draw basic shapes. This set includes sheets using which preschoolers may look for the same shapes, can trace, draw and color them. All the worksheets contain only 2D (flat) shapes.

Identifying shapes worksheets

These identifying geometric shapes worksheets help kindergarteners to find, recognize and remember the simple shapes. The kids will have to connect identical contours with help of lines. Those of them who will have successfully coped with the tasks will proceed to the next worksheets.

  • Identifying Shapes Worksheets For Toddlers
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  • Printable Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten
  • Free Shapes Worksheets For Toddlers

Tracing shapes worksheets for preschool

Invite the toddlers to trace the shapes before they start drawing them themselves. Our free tracing shapes worksheets for preschoolers comprise circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, diamonds (rhombuses) and additionally more difficult forms as trapezoids, hearts, and stars.

  • Tracing Shapes Worksheets For Preschoolers
  • Free Tracing Shapes Worksheets For Preschoolers
  • Tracing Shapes Printable Worksheets For Little Kids
  • Free Printable Preschool Worksheets Tracing Shapes. Sides And Corners

Shapes and colors worksheets for kindergarten

With the next work printable sheets, you can teach children not only geometric shapes but also basic colors. Performing the tasks, the kids will have to color the shapes in pre-specified colors.

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  • Free Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarteners
  • Toddlers Printable Shapes Worksheets

Drawing shapes worksheets

It is work pages, where kids can trace some shape pictures and draw some shapes themselves. Also, the preschoolers have to find the right figures among many different shapes, and then to color them.

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  • Shapes Worksheets For Grade 1. Free And Printable

Using shapes to make pictures worksheets

Here are the coloring pages for preschool drawings on which are made up of simple geometric shapes. Painting them, kids strengthen their knowledge in the field of shapes.

  • Learning Shapes Worksheets To Teach Little Kids
  • Basic Shapes Worksheets For Preschool
  • Free Printable Shapes Worksheets. Simple Picture
  • 2d Shapes Worksheets. Objects From Basic Shapes

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