Dinosaur Train coloring pages

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Dinosaurs lived on Earth millions of years ago, but the children and adults around the world are still interested in these mysterious ancient creatures. This page presents coloring many species of dinosaurs from cognitive cartoon “Dinosaur Train”.
The animated series “Dinosaur Train” tells about the adventures of a fun curious dinosaur by name Buddy and his adoptive family. The heroes go on an exciting journey through time and space in special transport – the dinosaur train. Action cartoon takes place in a bizarre prehistoric world of jungles, swamps, active volcanoes and oceans, where all is full of dinosaurs and other animals.

Printable Dinosaur Train coloring pages

You can print the Dinosaur Train coloring pages directly from the pages of our website or download to your computer to print them for your child as needed. Our coloring pages with the characters travelling by dinosaur train will help children not only have fun but also to learn a lot of new and useful information about prehistoric animals.

1. Coloring pages of a tyrannosaur Buddy from Dinosaur Train series.

The tyrannosaurus named Buddy is one of the main characters of the series. He does not look like its flying foster parents who adopted him before hatching from the egg.

  • Throughout the series Buddy loves to ask questions and formulate hypotheses.
  • Color Buddy is orange, unlike other dinosaurs from his family.

2. Tiny is character of coloring Dinosaur Train.

The littlest sister of the main character name is Tiny. It belongs to the genus of flying dinosaurs – Pteranodon.

  • Tiny is green color as her parents.
  • Her favorite hobby is the rhyming.
  • She likes to hide in holes and crevices of trees.

3. Coloring pages Dinosaur Train. Shiny.

Shiny is also the sister of Buddy and one of the main characters of “Dinosaur Train” cartoon coloring pages.

  • Shiny loves to play with his brothers and sister.
  • Her color is different from other dinosaurs in the family – she has the color of a sea wave.
  • Shiny loves to collect shells and other shiny little things.
  • She often spends time with nephew of Mr. Conductor.

4. Dinosaur train. Colouring pages with Don.

Don is one of the main characters colorings about the dinosaur train, he is Buddy’s brother.

  • Don loves to dance, dig holes, explore insects and collect objects for his natural collection.
  • Color Don is green, like his parents.

5. Mr. Pteranodon. Coloring pages of dinosaur train.

Mr. Pteranodon is the father of a family of dinosaurs, a mentor for children.

  • He likes to consider himself as a coach of the family.
  • He able to produce a sound resembling the coaching whistle.

6. Mrs. Pteranodon coloring sheets about the train with dinosaurs.

Mrs. Pteranodon is wife of Mr. Pteranodon, the heroine of coloring pages from Dinosaurs Train.

  • She is kind and caring mother, teacher and friend.
  • Her name was never called in the series, introducing Mrs. Pteranodon other dinosaurs, kids call her “our mother”

7. Mr. Conductor. Coloring pages of the main Dinosaur Train characters.

One of the heroes of coloring book – is troodon Mr. Conductor, which manages the dinosaur train.

  • Mr. Conductor is another friend of Buddy.
  • He warns passengers of a train dinosaurs of the approach of “the time tunnel”
  • He serves as the host of the cartoon series, showing the audience what will happen in tonight’s episode.

Print for kids Dinosaur Train coloring pages for free. Painting these pictures, the child will get new knowledge about different types of dinosaurs that walked the Earth in prehistoric times.


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