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No one can doubt the fact that the Barbie doll is the most successful toy that has ever existed. The full name of Barbie doll is Barbara Millicent Roberts and she was born in Willows, Wisconsin. Barbie has had more than ninety careers including a paleontologist, a rock star, a NASCAR driver, an astronaut and even a presidential candidate. She has had more than forty pets and owned a large variety of vehicles. For the past six decades, Barbie has been and remains the favorite toy of girls around the world. Also Barbie doll is the hero of more than 30 animated films.
On our website you will find over 300 Barbie coloring pages. Of course, you have the opportunity to print all these pictures for free to your little girl. In addition, be sure to see other our coloring pages for girls.

Barbie Mariposa & The Fairy Princess coloring pages

Coloring pages about butterfly fairy Mariposa who lives in the far away Flutterfield. In this magical adventure Mariposa becomes the Ambassador of her country in Shimmervale, where the Crystal Fairies live. There she found a new friend Princess Catania and helped to save her land from the dark fairy.

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Barbie coloring pages. In A Mermaid Tale

These coloring pages of Barbie tell us about the underwater adventures of Merliah who unexpectedly for herself, was a mermaid. Together with her friend, dolphin Zuma, she must rescue her mother, the queen of Oceana.

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Coloring pages Barbie: The Pearl Princess

This animated movie is a story about cheerful and creative mermaid Lumina. In our free Barbie coloring pages you will find Lumina, her friend Kuda, her pink seahorse and their wonderful adventures under water.

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Coloring pages of Barbie in The Pink Shoes

This amazing story about a girl named Kristyn, who was trained at ballet skills. The printable coloring pages show exciting and dangerous adventures of Kristyn Faraday, in which she participates with her newfound magical ballet shoes.

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Free Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale coloring pages

The animated film shows us a story about Barbie and her sisters’ summer vacation. The girls came for the summer to the riding academy to their aunt Marlene who lives in Swiss Alps. The trip was really magical when Barbie found mysterious wild horses in the woods.

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Barbie coloring pages free: The Princess & The Popstar

This amazing story of Barbie as Princess Tori as always full of magic. Tori, which is a kind princess of a magical Kingdom, made friends with her favorite popstar singer Keira. The girls discover a magical secret that lets them swap places. Our coloring pages will show about this and other incredible girls’ adventures.

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Barbie in Rock’N Royals printable coloring pages

In this animated movie and coloring pages Barbie plays the role of Princess Courtney. She went to the camp, but by mistake came in the other camp and took the place of rock stars Erica.

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Free Barbie and The Secret Door coloring pages

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Barbie colouring pages: Spy Squad

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